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  • Is there a car park? Can I park a large-size vehicle?

    We have an outdoor car park, which can accommodate about 30 vehicles. It can also accommodate large-size vehicles.

    *For guests using a car navigation system

    Please set your destination as Aoi Aso Shrine (phone: 0966-22-2274). When you see Aoi Aso Shrine on your right (with the bright red bridge and gate), there will be a sign for Hitoyoshi Ryokan on the left with a parking lot. Please park here.

  • Is the inn barrier-free?

    It is not barrier-free, but if you are using a wheelchair, we can provide ramps. The stairwells and corridors are equipped with handrails.

  • Can I bring in food and drinks?

    If you are bringing in drinks for a party, we ask for a fee. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • What facilities and amenities do the guestrooms have?

    Washroom, toilet with electronic bidet system, Television, A/C unit, hair dryer, refrigerator

  • What is the mobile phone signal like in the inn?

    Mobile phones can be used in all our guestrooms.

  • Do you accept credit card payments?

    Yes. We accept VISA / Nippon Shimpan / UC / Mastercard / debit cards / Million / Saison / JCB / AMEX / UnionPay.
    Additionally, we accept payments with electronic money such as QUICPay, ID, WAON, Rakuten Edy, Nanaco, public transport IC, etc.

  • Is smoking allowed inside the ryokan?

    All rooms and the lobby are non-smoking. We appreciate your understanding. If you wish to smoke, we ask that you please use one of the designated smoking areas within the ryokan.


  • What are your check-in and check-out times?

    Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is by 10:00.
    *Check-in time differs depending on the type of accommodation plan. Please check the time by referring to your “Accommodation Plan” on our website or call us to verify.

  • Can you store my baggage before I check in?

    Yes. Please ask a member of staff at the front desk.

  • Do you have a cancellation charge?

    Please understand that we charge 100% of accommodation fees for same-day cancellations. Cancellation fees for the day prior are 50%, and 20% if made 2-3 days prior.

  • Up to how many guests in a group (for seminars and sports camps) can you accommodate?

    We can accommodate up to 100 guests, which is our capacity.

  • What are your rates for children?

    Primary school age child: 80% of adult rates
    Pre-school child (with meals and bedding): 50% of adult rates
    Pre-school child (meals only): from \5,508 (inclusive of \2,160 inn facility usage fees)
    Pre-school child (bedding only): from \4,644 (inclusive of \2,160 inn facility usage fees)
    Infant (without meals or bedding): \3,300

  • Is there a curfew?

    The curfew is midnight.

  • How many guests can your largest guestroom accommodate?

    It can accommodate from 7 to 8 adults.

  • Are pets allowed to stay in the guestroom?

    Sorry, but we do not allow pets in the guestrooms.


  • I will be staying for two nights and would like to know what you will be serving on the second day.

    The menus change if guests are staying for more than one night.

  • Are there places to eat nearby?

    Yes, there are places that serve meals. Please feel free to ask the front desk.

  • Up to how many days in advance can I change my choice of meal?

    You can change it up to two days in advance.

Hot springs and guestrooms

  • What are your hot springs like?

    -100% continuously fed pure spring water
    -Sodium hydrocarbonate/chloride spring
    -Bathing helps: skin beautification, nerve pain, rheumatism, back pain, stiff shoulders, female disorders, cold sensitivity, bruises.
    Drinking helps: upset stomach, intestinal inflammation, other gastrointestinal ailments

  • What are the opening hours of the hot springs?

    They are open 24 hours a day (from 8:00 to 20:00 for Day Guests).

  • Can I get a massage in my room?

    Massage can be arranged from \4,000 (40 min.)
    *Must be booked. We can make arrangements for a whole body massage.

  • Do the guestrooms have internet connection?

    Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and throughout the entire ryokan.


  • Can you make arrangements for sightseeing?

    Please contact the reception desk if you wish to make a reservation. We will make reservations for shochu distillery tours, etc.
    *Rafting reservations require agreements regarding safety between the rafting company and the customer. As such, we ask that you make rafting reservations by yourself.

  • Can I tour the hot springs nearby?

    Yes. There are about 20 public bath houses in the city. Some inns and hotels also allow day guests to use their baths.