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A Registered Tangible
Cultural Property

We have maintained the architecture and appearance of Hitoyoshi Ryokan since its founding in 1934, leading it to be named as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property on account of being an excellent specimen of modern Japanese architecture. Guests arrive to a strong sense of nostalgia at Hitoyoshi Ryokan thanks to the retro trinkets, laid back atmosphere, and careful architectural touches made at the hands of artisan carpenters.

Registered Tangible Cultural Property Plaque
  • 1Grand Banquet Hall

    This spacious, 100sqm banquet hall is perfect for large groups and can be used for a wide variety of functions.

  • 2Suehiro Banquet Hall

    This hall is perfect for family or group meals and offers a good look at Hitoyoshi Ryokan’s unique style of architecture.

  • 3Hosho-no-Ma Room

    This spacious room is located on the second floor and faces our enclosed garden.


    Our garden is like a small forest that changes in atmosphere with the seasons.
    Take a stroll here and try to find the God of Hot Springs tucked away in one of the corners.

  • 5Lounge

    Located next to the hot springs, this lounge lets guests cool off after a warm bath. Guests can relax amidst its retro-styled interior.

  • 6Shop

    Offering a wide selection of local and Hitoyoshi-Kuma products, as well as other products from Kumamoto Prefecture recommended by Hitoyoshi Ryokan.

  • 7Lobby/Reception

    Our spacious reception area offers calming views of our beautifully manicured enclosed garden. Chat with friends, take a rest—feel free to use the lobby as you wish.